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Dental Clinic Medident – We are specialised in Dental Implantology with award-winning Thommen Medical Swiss Dental Implants.

We are committed to producing the highest level of dentistry and have been awarded the Finnish National Quality Award.

Our Chief Surgeon, Dr Heikki Pilvinen, has been awarded with the title Her Royal Majesty´s Appointed Dentist.

All implant treatments performed at Medident Dental Clinic are registered in your Implant Passport. With this document you can get the best professional help in 36 countries.

Our clinic is located in the Helsinki city center close to the main Cathedral.

Our Services

  • Restoration of the occlusion
  • Implant treatments
  • Demanding aesthetic treatments

No Interest, no expenses

You can pay in installments according to agreement.
Payment time 12-24 months.
No interest, no expenses.

Cost-free consultation

Please book a free consultation to obtain a comprehensive and detailed treatment plan by calling 0400 940 700 or online.

Dental Implant and Crown

A dental implant will replace your tooth, if you have lost a tooth or about to lose one. A dental implant can act as a post in an implant-supported bridge if you have lost more than one tooth.

We use award winning Swiss Thommen Medical Dental Implants which will become an integrated part of your jaw when replacing your lost tooth.

Dental Implant Treatment consists of the following steps

  • A free of cost examination of the mouth and jaws supported by a full panoramic picture of the teeth and jaws.
  • Installation operation of the implant. 
  • A precision impression of the attached implant for the final crown installation 3-6 months after the initial operation. 
  • Attachment of the final crown and home care instructions.


Medident offers the above treatment plan at a special campaign price of 1100 Euro.
Book a free consultation 0400 940 700 or online.

We offer a life time guarantee to all our implant patients who are enlisted in our follow-up control program.

You will find us here:
Mariankatu 12, Helsinki, ground floor

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Ei muita kuluja, ilmainen tarkastus ja 10-vuoden takuu. Toimi nopeasti, tarjous on saatavilla vain rajoitetun ajan.

Healthy Teeth are the backbone of Your general health

It is a generally known fact that  teeth with large fillings need support to last in the demanding conditions of the mouth. The big molars are the first ones to erupt in the mouth and are more vulnerable to decay and  thus in a greater need of support then the rest of the teeth.

Prosthetic dentistry and dental crowns are seldom included in the household budget like holiday trips and costs of hobbies. The sudden need for more expensive dental treatment usually comes as a surprise to the individual.

Pay at once or in instalments

Few family budgets can take sudden cost surprises of several hundred Euros not to speak of thousands. 

We offer you a way to enter the world of sustainable dentistry and to protect your teeth with lasting materials.

You can pay for your treatment in small instalments without rent or costs during several years of time. Pls note that a single Campaign Implant can not be paid in instalments.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment now for a free consultation visit

Call number 0400 940 700 for all inquiries regarding dental implants and bookings.

Online booking for the implant campaign price with a free consultation only available HERE (24/7).

You will find us here

Klinikkamme sijaitsee Tuomiokirkon takana ja Säätytaloa vastapäätä osoitteessa Mariankatu 12 B 10, 00170 Helsinki.

Our Clinic is located at 12, Mariankatu just behind the Great Cathedral on the ground floor

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