Dental Implant and Crown

A dental implant will replace your tooth, if you have lost a tooth or about to lose one. A dental implant can act as a post in an implant-supported bridge if you have lost more than one tooth.

We use award winning Swiss Thommen Medical Dental Implants which will become an integrated part of your jaw when replacing your lost tooth.

Dental Implant Treatment consists of the following steps

  • A free of cost examination of the mouth and jaws supported by a full panoramic picture of the teeth and jaws.
  • Installation operation of the implant. 
  • A precision impression of the attached implant for the final crown installation 3-6 months after the initial operation. 
  • Attachment of the final crown and home care instructions. 

Medident offers the above treatment plan at a special campaign price of 1100 Euro.

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We offer a life time guarantee to all our implant patients who are enlisted in our follow-up control program.

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Our campaign

We have started a movement in Finland to defy implant tourism to Hungary and Estonia where Finns are lured to with the promise of cheap prices. These patients have no idea what kind of implant clones are used in their treatment and of what quality these parts are. When problems occur, as a result of lacking quality, Finnish dentists have no tools nor instruments to help since the different implant systems instruments are not compatible. This leaves no other option but to travel abroad for help, again.

A dental implant is an artificial structure made by man, that needs much more care and service than a natural tooth. Securing successful home care and regular follow up of natural changes in the bite, are key elements in implant longevity.

We now form purchase groups of patients from all over Finland in order to buy all surgical and prosthetic parts in one large order directly from the Thommen Medical factory in Switzerland. The huge discount obtained is then rolled over into our customer pricing without any deductions. This makes it possible for us to offer the highest quality implant treatment plan to a campaign price of 1100 Euro, including an implant and it´s prosthetic crown.

For customers outside the Helsinki area we do our utmost to optimize the visits to a minimum to avoid unnecessary travelling.

The flow of the implant treatment 

  1. The treatment is instigated by a first consultation at our clinic during which the general health is examined and suitability of the patient for the planned treatment is secured. 
  2. During the first consultation a panoramic X-ray of the teeth and jaws is taken and the mouth and teeth are thoroughly examined.
  3. Based on these examinations, a detailed treatment plan is presented to the patient, free of charge. The treatment appointments are booked following the approval of the presented plan.
  4. A prophylactic  antibiotic is prescribed at the beginning of the operative appointment. Local anesthesia will be administered and all surfaces as well as the patient covered with sterile cloths. 
  5. The operation then begins after the effect of the anesthesia is determined. No traumatizing wounds and cuts are needed with the Thommen Medical Implant -system. The minimum of mucous membrane, corresponding exactly to the implant diameter, is removed. The space needed by the implant is then carefully prepared in the jawbone using a few drills to minimize trauma to the bone. 
  6. The implant is thereafter screwed into its place so that the surface active part of the implant will be well covered under the bone line for the bone cells to grow attached to it.
  7. Finally, the wound is closed and sealed with a cover screw. No stiches are needed and no wound will be visible.
  8. After the bone integration period (3-6 months) the cover screw will be screwed off (painlessly) without any blood contact and an impression coping will be attached to the implant to get a perfect impression to be sent to the laboratory for the finalization of the ceramic dental implant crown.
  9. The perfect crown will then be attached to the implant and home care instructions will be given and regular control visits will be planned.

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Call the campaign number for appointments 0400 940 700 every day between 9-21.

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